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Joanne Ramaekers
About me

My Story

We are a family owned business in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, supplying Essential Oils and Accessories to all of Australia.

Over 20 years ago I sat in a class at a chemist one night learning the basics about Essential Oils.  From that day I was hooked and have been using Essential Oils every since.  I’m no longer in my 20s and am now a Mum and with my husband, we have 4 kids ranging from 5 to 16.  We started our journey together on the Gold Coast, and then we moved to Brisbane due to where the kids are going school.

I’m working on my doTERRA and Essential Oils Accessories business part-time and do also have a full-time job.  This is what I love about this business, you can work on it in your own time and start to build your business over time while still bringing in money from a job.

I love what I do and look forward to the day that I can work on my business full time.   The doTERRA community is amazing and very supportive and I have met so many incredible people along the way.

You may already be a user of Essential Oils, be it from a retailer or you have your own wholesale account with a company.  Every one is welcome here.  If you are interested in a doTERRA Wholesale account, drop me a line via the Contact page and I will be in touch.  I am working with some amazing people and would love for you to meet them (even if not in person).