Seasonal Essentials Wellness Starter Park


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The seasons are changing, leaves are beginning to fall, and you’re starting to wonder how you’re going to get through the cooler months! We’ve combined all your favourite products into our Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box so you’re ready to brave the change in Season!

Kit includes: Easy Air drops, On Guard Sanitising Mist, On Guard Touch, Lavender, Easy Air, Easy Air Touch, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree


By selecting this kit you will receive a login to the doTERRA website to allow you to purchase products at wholesale prices.  There is an annual fee of $25, however you will receive a free Peppermint oil each time you renew.  Your enrolment fee is waived when you purchase this kit.

Please put your Date of Birth in the notes, as this required to set up your wholesale account and you will use this as security if and when you contact doTERRA or order directly from doTERRA via this link