Wombat Diffuser



  • volume control and pause playback
  • music options: piano lullaby, real natural bush, meditation, and birds at sunrise
  • customisable output: continuous mist: up to 8 hours or intermittent mist: up to 16 hours
  • ambient light options: dim and bright warm or no light
  • Timer function: 4H & 8H continuous, 16H intermittent
  • Automatic safety shut-off

Native to the mountains, forests, and grasslands of Australia, the wombat is a nocturnal marsupial built for digging. Its short legs and barrel-shaped body allow it to burrow tunnels and chambers beneath the earth, where it sleeps for most of the day. After dark, the waddling wombat emerges to feed on bark, roots, and tufts of tussock grass.

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